The California Clean Fuel Rewards Initiative

In California right now, the state Air Resources Board and state Electric Utilizes have teamed up to offer shoppers up to $1,500 when they purchase electric and hybrid vehicles. This mission is part of a concerted effort to get millions of electric vehicles on California’s roads by the year 2030. This rebate can be combined with offer federal or state or local incentives, if applicable. This rebate is available to all California residents. At Downey Hyundai near Los Angeles, we have an inventory of electric vehicles for you to look at today.

An Electric Future

It’s the mission of the California Clean Fuel Reward initiative to reduce greenhouse emissions and improving overall air quality. Overall, the plan is to move toward being carbon neutral to combat the current climate crisis. What this reward intuitive does is make electric and hybrid vehicles more affordable to the masses. For shoppers in Puente Hills, they will be to save huge on their monthly payments.

Among the many benefits of owning an electric vehicle, one common theme unites them all: peace. With an electric vehicle, you have peace of mind to reflect and absorb the world around you. What an electric car does is simplify and reimagine what owning an automobile is all about. You won’t need to worry about heavy maintenance or engine noise or how your vehicle affects the environment. An electric vehicle takes all of that and put it aside, letting you focus on what matters to you while you are out on the road heading to Long Beach.

Doing Our Part Near Downey

At Downey Hyundai, we have several that are eligible for California Clean Fuel Rewards. They include;

Feel free to give us a call or email us for more information about each of our electric vehicles. Our dealership is located just a short drive away from Culver City.

We embolden you to learn more about California Clean Fuel Rewards and find out just how gratifying it is to own an electric vehicle. Poet Khalil Gibran once said, “Yesterday is but today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream.”