The Blue Link app is a Hyundai-exclusive connected car care service that comes available on most new Hyundai models we sell here in Downey, CA. Through Blue Link, just about everything you need to know about your Hyundai is accessible using your smartphone device. You can use your phone with this app to start, unlock, and warm up your car remotely, or use the on-demand diagnostic feature to determine your vehicle's upcoming service needs. The Blue Link Connected Car app comes available on most new Hyundai models, so contact us at Hyundai of Downey to see which of our cars offers compatibility with this feature.

An App that Does it All!

You will find that the Blue Link Connected Car Service has all the applications you need for daily driving right at your fingertips. To help start your day conveniently, you can use the Remote Start feature to activate your card and start its climate control each morning. The Remote Start feature also lets you lock/unlock the car, sound the horn, and activate the outside lights. Having trouble remembering where you parked? Not to worry, because Blue Link has a Remote Car Finder app that will open up a handy map to tell you where you left your Hyundai. If you run into a theft issue, the Stolen Vehicle Recovery app will provide law enforcement with the vehicle's current location. It will shut off the engine indefinitely until the vehicle gets recovered.

Blue Link also offers Enhanced Roadside Assistance, which will automatically link you up to the nearest available representative in your area for a speedy response in the case of a shutdown. In the case of an accident, the Automatic Collision Notification feature will call for help. Parents of teen drivers will appreciate the Geofence, Curfew, and Speed Alert, ensuring you will always know if they drive too fast, miss curfew, or take unforeseen detours.

When your Hyundai needs replacement parts, repairs, or service, Blue Link sends you a Diagnostic Alert. At the same time, the Service Link feature allows you to schedule a maintenance appointment at your earliest convenience.

Link to Your Car Today

If you have any questions about installing or using Blue Link apps, do not hesitate to contact us here at Downey Hyundai. If you have yet to buy a new or used Hyundai and want to know which models have Blue Link access, ask us about this app when you visit our dealership in Downey, CA, for a test drive. We hope to see you soon!

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