Summer has arrived at Downey, CA, and as social distancing restrictions lift, many of us are excited to get out there and enjoy all the music festivals, BBQs, and other fun gatherings the season has to offer. However, the summer also means hot weather, which proves a somewhat challenging time for your Hyundai. If your Hyundai has come dual for a seasonal appointment, do not wait for something to go wrong. Schedule an appointment and visit Downey Hyundai today. Our service center is on-location at our dealership here in Downey, CA.

The Right Services for the Summer

While your engine does not have to work as hard in the summer as it does in the winter, this time of year can present its own set of challenges to an unmaintained car. Hotter weather means that your vehicle's coolant levels should get topped off and, if necessary, replaced to ensure your engine does not succumb to excess corrosion and overheating. Summer is also a good time to address your vehicle's other fluids, including transmission fluid, brake fluid, and engine oil. A routine service visit will allow our technicians to inspect your vehicle to ensure its engine, fluids, and filters are ready to take on the dust and pollen that summer brings.

Summertime is also a great time to give the underside of your car a good inspection as well. Your Hyundai might come due for a tire changeover, and our technicians can provide it with some new performance summer tires built to drive on hot asphalt. We can also inspect the tire pressure and four-wheel-alignment balance to ensure your Hyundai is ready for a leisurely summer cruise along the beaches.

Visit Downey Hyundai Today

All of our technicians are experienced, factory-trained technicians who know all the ins and outs of the Hyundai brand. Whether your car needs new coolant, new tires, or a new battery to get in shape for the summer, our Hyundai dealership is a great resource for helpful experience from trained Hyundai professionals. Schedule your summer service appointment today here at Downey Hyundai by using our online system or calling our on-site service center. We hope to see you soon!

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