Headlights 101

Headlights are on the front of your vehicle providing the light you need to see the road while driving at night, during adverse weather conditions, or both. You'll immediately know the value of headlight performance if you have to drive at night during a storm. Headlights have two essential components in the headlamp and the plastic hardcoat. While the headlamp is the part that generates the light, the plastic hardcoat protects the headlamp. A critical physical feature of the headlight's plastic hardcoat is transparency - plastic clarity that permits light to pass through unencumbered. With clear transparency, the light can easily pass through the plastic hardcoat and brighten the road ahead. The only limitation is that the plastic hardcoat is under constant UV exposure and is also prone to abrasions accumulating from pebbles, sand, and large splattered bugs. As more UV light and debris impacts the headlights, they will start turning a yellowish color signaling a need for Headlight Restoration Resurfacing Service.

How can I tell if my Headlights need a Restoration Resurfacing Service?

There are few vehicle inspection services that we can recommend doing yourself at home, and the headlights are one of them. The telltale sign of faulty headlights is shown in the physical condition. If the plastic hardcoat looks cloudy, yellowish, or full of abrasions, then you need a Headlight Restoration Resurfacing Service.

  • Plastic hardcoat is yellowing, grayish, or foggy
  • Plastic hardcoat has surface scratches or abrasions 
  • Light is not passing through the headlights like before

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How does Headlight Restoration Resurfacing Work?

The service starts with an expert technician with extensive experience restoring headlights using a proven protocol. First, a chemical solvent is then used to remove the old foggy plastic coating. The surface is then wet sanded and polished to restore the lens. The last step is to apply a UV protectant to prevent the same problem from happening again. Many of our customers were pleased to find that Headlight Restoration Resurfacing Service offered them like-new headlight performance at a fraction of the cost of installing brand new headlights. If you want to restore your headlights to peak performance, bring your Hyundai car, SUV, or crossover to Downey Hyundai, and we'll have an expert technician provide you with a Headlight Restoration Service.

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