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What is a Tire Balance?

Automotive Tire Balance is defined as a condition in which the wheel-tire assembly has an even distribution of weight allowing it to remain upright and steady. Since Tire Balance is a vehicle condition, this means that the tires can get out of balance. In short, Tire Balance Service ensures that every wheel-tire assembly has an even weight distribution. Tire Balance is accomplished with an expert technician using a special computerized wheel balancer and small precision wheel weights to create even weight across the wheel-tire assembly. Now, you're probably wondering why even weight across the tires is important? At Downey Hyundai, we would like to share with you all of the vast benefits and rationale supporting Tire Balance Service.

Benefits of a Tire Balance Service

Tire Balance is important because of the tremendous benefits that our customers receive with every service. When you get a Tire Balance Service at Downey Hyundai, you can expect to receive all of these benefits related to routine Tire Balance Service:

  • Best driving experience
  • Stops and prevents vibrations while driving
  • Eliminates cupping tire tread pattern 
  • Supports wheel alignment 
  • Even tire tread wear = smoother ride 
  • Extends tire life 
  • Reduced long-term tire repair/replacement costs

Downey Hyundai of Los Angeles

If you want to reap the rewards of remaining diligent with Tire Balancing, now is a great time to get the much-needed Service that your Hyundai car, crossover, or SUV needs. Downey Hyundai is conveniently located in Downey within the larger Los Angeles metropolitan area near Downey, Norwalk & Lynwood, California.


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What happens during a Tire Balance Service

At Downey Hyundai, we like to think we extend serious value for every service, and we get this done by leveraging our years of experience for a thorough Tire Balance Service of the highest quality possible. Tire Balance Service begins with an expert technician that will inspect all of the tires looking for any damages while evaluating the tread wear patterns. If a tire requires repair or replacement, that will be done as needed to restore reliability & safety. Each of the tires will be balanced using a digital wheel balancer and small weights to ensure even weight distribution. As the service winds down, the technician will then inspect all front and rear suspension parts for wear and damage. The tire pressure is then set at factory specifications, and the technician will confirm results with a quick road test.

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