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Genuine Hyundai Brake Pads in Downey, CA

Brake pad replacements will largely depend on how you drive, how often and where. For example, those who drive more in the city with the constant accelerating and decelerating will likely have to have their brake pads replaced sooner than those who primarily drive on the interstate.

Before needing your brake pads replaced, there are plenty of signs to alert you of this pending necessity.

  • If you hear screeching, grinding or other piercing noises of the sort while applying your brakes, this is a strong indicator your brake pads will need attention sooner rather than later. If left alone too long, the worn pads will likely cause damage to other parts and results in costly repairs.

  • Vibration in your pedal or steering wheel is your brake system trying to alert you of something needing attention. If put off too long, the metal-on-metal rubbing will also damage parts of your vehicle.

  • Applying your brakes should be an easy task, however, if you notice you're starting to have to press down sooner and harder than usual, your brake pads are alarmingly worn down and need attention soon, before you don't have working brakes.

  • One of the more obvious signs that are often ignored is the brake light that will turn on on the dashboard.

If you have noticed any of these signs, be sure to come to give us at Downey Hyundai a visit so our certified technicians can check your brakes. The signs listed above are all sure-fire ways of knowing that your brake pads are wearing down and need attention to ensure your safety and others around you as well.

Our parts department has all the parts you need to take on any project at home. Every month we hand select parts to put on special that we feel will most benefit our customers.

Downey Hyundai is the trusted and preferred Hyundai store, serving Downey, Commerce, El Monte and Los Angeles. Our first-class shopping experience is what keeps our customers coming back. We sell genuine Hyundai parts designed to fit your budget so repairs are long-lasting and effective.

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