Hyundai Approved Tire Center Commerce California 
Every car is unique in its own design, drivers, and parts that make it perform optimally. By replace and repairing areas of your Hyundai with genuine OEM Hyundai parts, you are providing your vehicle with the high-quality care it needs for miles to come. The same goes for tires. Hyundai considered every detail when created your car, tires included and developed optimal tires to enhance the driving performance and experience. 

Hyundai Tires


Downey Hyundai

7550 Firestone Blvd
Directions Downey, CA 90241

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Downey Hyundai has a Hyundai Approved Tires Center to meet all the needs of our drivers in the Commerce, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas. What does this mean? You can leave the worry of getting the best tires behind. You can be confident that our team of experts will get your car the correct size with the best traction and durability for your driving needs. 
Taking care of your tires is essential to maintaining their health and having them last their expected mileage. Rotating tires and keeping them properly inflated can be the difference in thousands of miles.

Tire Rotation or Replacement?

When to rotate tires? It is recommended to have your tires rotated between every 6,000 and 8,000 miles, or once every oil change. Ask your team at Downey Hyundai for more information on your specific set of tires.
Signs of worn tires:
  • Bulges, gouges, and cracks, oh my! When tires deflate, they bulge at the side - this can be either due to low pressure or even a leak. 
  • Tread wear - the tread of your tires helps with traction, providing a smooth ride and stopping. Two ways to check your tires at home are 1. The penny test - put a penny, Lincoln's head down, in the tread. If you can see the top of his head, you should really consider new tires. 2. Newer cars have "wear bars" so when the tread gets too low, you can see the wear bar.
  • Temperature changes - always make sure your tires are properly inflated when traveling through varying temperatures. Temperature can cause your tires to deflate faster.
  • Vibration - Car vibration can be a result of either worn out tires or suspension issues. Regardless, if you experience this, bring your car in to see our team as soon as possible.
Visit our service team and factory-trained technicians at Downey Hyundai today and our techs will review, recommend and install your next set of tires to get you all around California. 


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