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Hyundai Oxygen Sensor Replacement Service

Your car's oxygen sensor is used to ensure that it's running at top performance. It keeps your emissions in-check and alerts you to when emissions are too excessive. In states where cars have to pass an emissions test,  if one or more of your oxygen sensors are faulty during the test, your car will likely not pass. For such a simple fix, Downey Hyundai offers an Oxygen Sensor Replacement Service.  

How Do You Know if You Have a faulty oxygen sensor?

  • Noticeable decrease in engine performance
  • Poorer gas mileage
  • Possible misfiring and uneven idling

Your O2 sensor works closely with the fuel economy and management of your car. If you notice any of the above happenings, or if your car recently failed the emissions test due to a faulty oxygen sensor, come schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible.

Why Do O2 sensors fail:

  • Age
  • Heat - extreme weather
  • Coolant and oil that leaks into the combustion chamber

Though a faulty O2 sensor isn't a cause for immediate concern, the necessity for it to be repaired shouldn't be ignored. An engine that runs poorly will break down faster and lead to higher costly repairs that have been avoided. Downey Hyundai in Los Angeles provides professional Oxygen Sensor Replacement service to prevent this very thing from happening. 

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