Hyundai Oil Change

Hyundai Conventional Oil Change Special

Starting at $34.95
Up to 5-quarts of conventional oil. Some models higher. Ask Advisors for details.
*Cannot be used with other discounts or coupons. See Advisors for specific model pricing details.

Hyundai Conventional Oil Change in Downey, CA

Vehicle maintenance is essential in making sure that your vehicle is always running its best to safely get you from point A to point B. Oil changes play a large role in your vehicle's health and should always be changed according to manufacturer guidelines.

Not everyone knows whether their vehicle oil should be changed with conventional or synthetic oil, and this is why Hyundai drivers in Downey, CA prefer and trust the certified technicians of Downey Hyundai to get the job done right.

The age of your vehicle will determine if it uses synthetic oil or conventional oil. Older Hyundai models will tend to use conventional oil.  

Conventional oil is designed to work well for older cars that have low mileage and provide the lubrication necessary to keep your engine running smoothly and protect it from any damage. Since conventional does not last as long as synthetic, it is highly important to follow the manufacturer recommended service schedule of when and how often to have the oil replaced - typically every 3,000 miles.

How do you know when you need to change your oil?

Many Hyundai models have an indicator light on the dash that will notify you it is time for a change.

If not, there is another sign to look for:

The Color - when clean, it is amber, but once it becomes dirty with particles from the engine, it becomes dark and thick. How to check? Take out the dipstick, clean it off, put it back in and when removing it once more if you can see the stick through the oil it is clean, otherwise, you're in need of an oil change. If you're unsure when your last oil change was, come in to Downey Hyundai and have one our service advisor check if your vehicle is due.

Downey Hyundai certified technicians understand that time is important. This is why we offer our Car Care Express - Get in and get out with our 1-hour oil changes.

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