Hyundai Transmission Fluid Exchange Special

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Includes up to 8 quarts of fluid. Synthetic fluid may be higher varies by model.
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Downey Hyundai Transmission Fluid Exchange

Transmission fluid change is one of the more common services your vehicle has done. Your Hyundai owner's manual calls for a transmission service at specified mileage intervals, and it should certainly not be ignored.

Transmission fluid acts as a lubricant for all of the moving parts inside of your transmission. For an automatic, it also serves as a coolant and sends power from the engine to transmission. There are a variety of different fluids for different transmissions and your owner's manual will let you know which fluid is best for your specific model.

What is a transmission fluid exchange?

This is when our Downey Hyundai certified technicians drain the transmission fluid, replace the filter and then refills the transmission with new, fresh fluid. During this time our team gets to have a close look at the health of your transmission and identify any pending or threatening problems - such as debris and metal particles. Changing your transmission fluid is the best preventative service to make sure nothing harming is idling.

A point of confusion rests when being given the option of a fluid change or flush. A flush does not require the same amount of in-depth work as a change, resulting in not getting a closer look at the filter or running the same preventative diagnostics. However, the recommendation varies from make to make, and your owner's manual should always be consulted and left to the professionals.

Regardless, if left alone for too long after the needed service date, your transmission will be lubricated with contaminants and will shorten the transmission's life.

A few key things to look for if you are suspicious that your transmission fluid may need to be changed are the engine revving when you're not accelerating, a grinding sound while driving, if your vehicle suddenly has difficulty changing gears - particularly with manual transmissions, you may not be able to change at all - general delay in vehicle movement.

Our certified technicians at Downey Hyundai understand the importance and intricacies of transmission fluid, the signs to look for in case of damage and much more. We are happy to provide a first-class customer experience to those in Downey, Commerce, El Monte, and Los Angeles.

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